Arts Week 2019: Flowers

During week commencing 3rd June 2019, St. Paul’s children and staff immersed themselves in ‘Arts Week’, developing work centred on the theme of ‘Flowers’. The children spent the duration of the week creating their own works of art inspired by; a variety of famous artists; popular literature; nature, and so much more!

Each day, the children worked on a different artistic skill ranging through: textiles; sculpture; collage; painting; observational drawing, and printing. Studying the work of famous artists, from a myriad of different time periods, the children have also developed their ability to analyse a piece of artwork, as a means of inspiring their own ideas. All of this can be seen in the children’s very own sketchbooks – a wonderful portfolio of their developing skills, throughout their time at St. Paul’s!

At St. Paul’s, we pride ourselves on our enthusiasm and love for the arts, with our annual Art Exhibition always being the central hub of joy, excitement and pure celebration. All of the work produced during Arts Week was featured at the aforementioned Exhibition, which was held on Wednesday 26th June 2018, from 6pm onwards.

Work could be seen displayed around the entire school, with our main hall acting as our feature space. Anyone who has attended the Annual Exhibitions will have had the opportunity to see the work, made by children of all ages, displayed in the most imaginative ways possible – a true credit to our staff, all of whom are just as innovative, and dedicated to celebrating creativity, as the brilliant young minds we teach!

We would love to see wider members of the community, as well as families and friends of St. Paul’s, joining us in celebrating the children’s work at our Annual Exhibitions, which also give you an opportunity to visit our wonderful school and meet members of staff.

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