Brownie Adventures

This term the Brownies have been doing ‘Have Adventure’ activities, while enjoying film nights and celebrating Chinese New Year!

This term the Brownies watched Toy Story 4 at our Film Night and celebrated Chinese New Year by colouring in masks of the animals of the Chinese zodiac. The Brownies then acted out the story of how the years became associated with each animal. This year is the year of the Rat; Brownies learned that, according to Chinese folklore, the Rat was the first animal to reach the Jade Emperor’s palace.

The Brownies have been doing ‘Have Adventure’ activities this term. We did an activity about modes of transport over the years and ways we may travel in the future. We are also learning about items that can and cannot be taken into different countries and learning how to look after the countryside.

It was World Thinking Day on 22nd February, and an activity pack ‘Living Threads’, produced by WAGGGs (The World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts), encouraged Brownie Guides to think about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and what it means to them. Each Brownie made a leaf about one thing they were proud of about themselves and then a second leaf to say something great about one of the other Brownies.

The Brownies also played a cross the river game. They were grouped and given a random number of stepping stones between 1-9 to cross the river. The aim was to cross the river to reach Kusafari, which means ‘to Journey’ in Swahili. Kusafari is the ‘Fifth’ World Centre. It is based in Africa and it journeys around Africa. This World Centre project started in 2012 and has been in Ghana, South Africa, Rwanda, Kenya, Nigeria, Benin, Madagascar, Uganda and Tanzania. At one meeting we talked about world records and the girls tried to think of world records they could break. They did hula hooping and managed to fit ten Brownies in a hula hoop!

We had a Valentine Disco in aid of the Dittons District Rangers going to Mexico this summer to visit Our Cabana, a Girlguiding World Centre. They will also be taking part in a turtle conservation project. There is going to be a District activity day in May based around World Turtle Day.

The Brownies have been booked to go for a sleepover at the Science Museum in May, which will be good fun. Dittons District Guide units are going to Scoutabout in June which is a big Scout and Guide Camp which takes place every three years at the South of England Show Ground at Ardingly. There are over 200 activities in which the Guides and Scouts can participate, including abseiling, climbing, zorbing, archery and

The Guides have just taken part in an activity about packaging and what the symbols on packaging mean – such as Red Tractor, Dolphin Friendly, Free Range etc – and it challenged them to see if these labels were on the foods they ate. They have also taken part in an activity about their values and how they fit in with the Guide promise. Last term the Guides adopted a snow Leopard through the WWF. They did an activity called Go Wild and came dressed as animals, making a donation to WWF. At the end of the Spring term, the girls had a campfire at Lynwood.

Last term we filled 29 boxes for the Rotary Club to be sent overseas to Romania, Moldova or Ukraine and had a shopping evening for Brownies and Guides to buy items to fill the boxes.

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