Food, Glorious Food

Exciting changes are afoot at St Paul’s School!

The implementation of a new menu for school meals this year has seen uptake from the children rise exponentially, which is fantastic! Now able to choose from at least four options each day, the children are revelling in the ability to select their food in advance online, and even partake in the ‘deli bar’. With options such as ‘sticky BBQ chicken’ and ‘oriental stir-fry with noodles’, the children have been excited about trying new foods, with comments such as ‘delicious!’, ‘I love it!’ and ‘This is better than my mum’s cooking’ (sorry, mum!).

We are thrilled with the feedback, and look forward to seeing even more children trying the new meals this term, especially as we have just had the menu through and can see such delights as ‘sticky bao buns’ and ‘hot southern-fried chicken wraps’ on the menu!

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