Good Green News

About a year ago St. Christopher’s  began the journey towards becoming an Eco Church and we are delighted to have gained the Bronze Award.

Eco Church is organised by the charity ARocha, and was set up to help churches look at their carbon footprints with the aim of making them more eco-friendly.  It offers three awards to churches: bronze, silver and gold.  Churches are asked to look at five areas of church life, which are: Worship and teaching; Management of Church buildings; Church land; Community and global engagement, and Lifestyle.  There is a questionnaire for each area where we can monitor our progress.

This has not only inspired us to look at all aspects of our Church and how we can make changes which hopefully will do something to lessen our impact on the world, but which will also inspire our members to make changes in their own lifestyles.

So we appointed five people, each to look after one area, to gather a small team around them, and set to work.  Some things we tackled were relatively easy: does your church have roof insulation?  Yes!  Does your church have double glazing?  No!  We managed to gain enough positive responses to qualify for the bronze award.

We are delighted with this, but aren’t going to stop there – we’re now going for Silver! 

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