Helping Families in Need

Here in Hinchley Wood our Mothers’ Union Branch is a small cog in the larger area of Mothers’ Union in Guildford Diocese, which in turn is a cog in the Worldwide Society of Mothers’ Union, with 4,000,000 members in 84 countries, offering Christian Care for families – regardless of faith or background.

Within the Diocese of Guildford there are 46 different Groups of varying sizes, with 1,050 members in total, involved in 17 different projects – all designed to promote and help to sustain Christian Family Life, and particularly to help those whose family life has met with adversity.

We have projects which provide Parenting Classes for men and women in prison. We provide craft activities in prisons and provide supervised play
areas for visitors’ children in three prisons.

We also have a scheme called Away From It All Holidays, which provides a break for families who would otherwise be unable to afford a holiday in a seasonal caravan.

In addition, Mothers’ Union, Guildford Diocese, provides hospitals with
emergency toiletry bags.

For further information about this amazing organisation, please contact our local Branch Leader, Jean Hoseason. Tel: 020 8398 5749 or email:

Alternatively, visit the main Mothers’ Union website or the Guildford Diocese Mothers’ Union Website.

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