Neighbourhood Watch – Spring Report

The crime figures for December 2019 have now been published by Surrey Police, enabling comparison between the years 2018 and 2019.

The figures available cover both The Dittons and Hinchley Wood. They show crime is down 10%, but burglary is up 3%. The graph shows the peak in burglaries in October 2019 responsible for the overall annual increase, but which has been reducing through November and December.

Vehicle crime has risen sharply from December 2019 (7) to January 2020 (15) although this is better than January 2019 (35). This includes property stolen from vehicles: owners continue to leave valuables in unattended vehicles. It also includes the theft of catalytic converters.

Finally, the changing shape of crime, comparing January to December 2019 with 2018. The chart below shows the various crime types. Criminal damage and arson, public order offences and antisocial behaviour have reduced, but overall numbers have been somewhat offset by increases in violence and sexual offences.

There has been a recent spate of attacking front doors, but patio doors are still the favourite entry for burglary. These should be laminated glass which will hold together, whereas toughened glass in patio doors can be broken in seconds. If you are replacing any windows or doors, you should ensure they comply with P.A.S.24 2016 Security Standard.

54% of all crimes are from scams, both doorstep and online, and one in twelve people are now victims of fraud. Over 138 billion pounds are lost to scams each year and it is believed only about 5% of scams are reported. Banks, Royal Mail and money services are now training staff to spot fraud and Royal Mail has halted 3 million scam letters.

The average age of victims targeted is 75 and the results of scams on older people can be devastating. Many lose their life savings and may lose their home as a result of this crime. Check whether your phone provider has a call blocking facility or consider installing a call blocker such as True Call. If you or someone you know thinks he or she has been scammed, it is important to report this first to the police and then Action Fraud.

Please remember to have lights on timers if you are going to be out after 5.00pm, as many of the properties targeted are those which are in darkness.

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