Politics students air their views on local radio

On the eve of ‘Brexit Day’, a group of Hinchley Wood School’s politics students were invite to share their opinions with the listeners of BBC radio Surrey.

Their discussions were broadcast at prime time on the Breakfast Show with James Cannon and Lesley McCabe; their opinions were well informed and hard-hitting. Aged between 16 and 18 years old, the group of eight had a wide range of views on Brexit, with a fairly even split of ‘remainers’ and ‘leavers’. They all had concerns about the aspects of their lives which Brexit might affect, including the NHS and travelling in Europe.

The two radio presenters were very impressed by the students, with Lesley McCabe commenting after the broadcast: “What an articulate bunch of kids!”

This wasn’t the first time Hinchley Wood politics students have been in the media. During the lead up to last year’s general election, following a visit to the school by Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson, a number of them were featured in stories on ‘This is Local London’ and ‘Get Surrey’.

The online news stories can still be viewed via these links:

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