Probus – Summer Adventures

As we move into Autumn, the adventure side of our activities draws to a close and we seek to ensure that our long-standing hosts at Ember Sports Club have the heating working – which they do. Indeed, we have only missed one meeting there since we were formed in 1978 – and that was because of snow.

Derwent Dam

Our final summer adventure took place at the end of September.  36 members and friends visited the Peak District for four nights – all happily wrapped up against the October rain!  The Peak District was Britain’s first National Park.  Our five day trip, using Whitley Hall Hotel as our base, included Lyme Park, Buxton, Bakewell, Haddon Hall, Chatsworth, Hathersage and the David Mellor Cutlery Centre, Castleton, the plague village of Eyam and a view of the dams where the Dambusters did their trial runs.

At the end of August we had a day out at Dorney Court near Burnham, Bucks and Hughenden Manor at High Wycombe.

Dorney Court is a beautiful Tudor Manor House and the estate dates from Norman times. In the sixteenth century, the Lord Mayor’s daughter, Martha, married Sir James Palmer.  His descendants still live at the Manor.  Hughenden Manor was the home of Benjamin Disraeli and is set in an unspoilt Chiltern Valley. In WW2 it housed top secret operations code-named Hillside.


We’ve held our regular meetings over the summer, learning about Kazakhstan, how the Romans designed their villas – including how to keep conversations private – stalking (not the deer kind), and how words, which we have borrowed from over 350 languages, are accepted into the English language. 

Such variety as described above shows what members gain from their involvement, as well as the enjoyment of meeting each other.

With their older members, Probus clubs have made a good contribution to the Wargen project. This is being driven by Dan Snow and seeks to record personal experiences of WW2 before we have all passed on!

Our computer group and money matters group are much occupied with keeping up to date on scams and looking forward to when our thoughts are not dominated by European relationships!

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