Puppet Shows and E-Safety

The children of St. Paul’s Catholic Primary School have been busy across the whole school term, developing the children’s learning experiences both inside and outside the classroom.

The Reception classes have been learning about people who help us, and have had their experience enriched by meeting real-life heroes! Firstly, several police officers visited the children, bringing a police car and a motorbike to school. The children were able to discuss and understand the role of police in our society, and how the police undertake different roles. They also learnt about special tools, including truncheons and handcuffs. The children were also lucky enough to sit in the car and on the bike!

After this, the pupils were visited by a pilot from British Airways, who told the children about all of the people who were involved in making flights take place. The list was extensive! We are extremely grateful for our lovely parents at the school, who have so many skills to enable our children to have these hands-on experiences. The children found the visits thoroughly informative and rewarding.

All children in years 3 and 5 took part in our annual puppet show. A highly-regarded spectacle, this year’s performance was entitled “The Conference of the Birds”, and informed the audience of the origins of many different types of bird. The show was the culmination of a week of hard work, with the Creation Myth Puppet Company coming in to perform a series of workshops, where the children spent four days fully immersed in the art of puppet-making, as well as writing the script for the performance. The children created their hand-held puppets carefully, gaining a greater understanding of the ways in which materials can be joined together, whilst also thinking about the strength of the materials, and the visual effects which they would create. The children then worked in groups to make
larger puppets which were even bigger than some of the children – a sight to behold! The show was hotly-anticipated by the parents
and wider families of the children and did not disappoint – it truly was a marvel!

Finally, the whole school took part in Safer Internet Day 2020, to ensure children know how to stay safe online. This year, we focused on ‘online representation’: how we represent ourselves in the online world through our perceived appearance and what we say. Children designed and created their own avatars which reflected their real-life physical features and their personalities and then coded these; understanding how the coding used in school can be used in real-life game situations. The children gained an understanding of how easy it is to impersonate someone else, gaining a greater insight into being a critical viewer of material online.

The children investigated how online posts and social media tweets could influence their ability in the future to secure certain jobs, and understand that everything written online creates a digital footprint. With new technologies, the children investigated how this is having a greater influence on us in the modern world, with the development of facial recognition software and artificial intelligence. In all, participating in esafety-related activities all day ensured that the children were fully-immersed in technology, and, most importantly, have a greater understanding of how to stay safe online.

It has been a very busy term, and we look forward to this continuing in the

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