Sixth Form Eco Group Campaigns for the Environment

The Hinchley Wood Sixth Form Eco Collective was formed at the start of the last school year.

We are determined to reduce our school’s impact on the planet, and our actions have included organising several litter picks in the local area and beginning to improve our Sixth Form’s recycling system. Our main, most recent, goal has been pushing for our school canteen to stop selling single-use plastic bottles. The average time for a plastic bottle to completely degrade is at least 450 years – some even take up to 1,000 years. Shocked by this statistic, we prepared for and presented at two Senior Leadership Team meetings, asking them to consider banning the sale of single-use plastic bottles in our school.

We are delighted that the school aims to stop selling plastic bottles by
September 2020. We estimate this will prevent thousands of single-use plastic bottles being disposed of every single week by students. Instead, our establishment will be investing in sustainable alternatives. These include providing many more water fountains and water carriers to allow students to easily fill up their own reusable water bottles, which will soon be a compulsory part of the school uniform.

At the moment we are also establishing a termly newsletter to be sent out to parents and carers. It will share further updates on our aims and achievements as well as simple and practical tips to encourage sustainable living at home. We hope to instil in every member of our school community a sense of urgency and perseverance to be part of the vital change needed in our world.

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