There is ‘no away’

People may think that when they throw away a piece of clothing, it magically goes ‘away’, never to be seen again.

There is no ‘away’ though.  According to the charity Wrap the clothing we throw ‘away’ each year contributes 5% of the 31 million tonnes of domestic waste each year that ends in landfill.

St Christopher’s Church in Hinchley Wood is planning an environmental project which people here in Hinchley Wood can contribute to and work on together, around the re- and up-cycling of clothes.  Currently, only 15% of clothing finds its way into recycling or donations.

We need help from you all, but in particular from any environmentally-conscious teenagers.  If you are doing Duke of Edinburgh Silver or Gold award and are looking for volunteering time, or perhaps because you are interested in fashion and the impact of fast fashion on the environment, we would love it if you would join the team and help us shape the project.

We are launching with a ‘Coat Drive’ from 4th September, aiming to enable children in this area to get a warm winter coat through our donations.  We need you to join us in the summer, and if you are able to give an hour or two a week to begin this project from Thursday, 8th August we’d love to hear from you!

We hope that you will support our aim to give our clothing a chance of a second life, away from the bin.

If you would like more information, or would like to be part of the project in some way, please contact Emma Rush via email:

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