We are getting Greener

In the Spring issue of this magazine, you will have read that St Christopher’s is now an Eco Church.  Since then, the PCC has authorised our team of sixteen people to go ahead with a range of projects. We really are going for a bronze Eco Church award!

Our projects include the creation of a composting area, a bird feeding station, a stag beetle breeding site and a bug house.

We are going to change, when appropriate, all of our light bulbs to LED, use light sensor bulbs for outdoor lighting and ensure that all paper products are sourced from recycled materials. Our weekly news sheet has an eco tip that aims to keep our congregation focused on the tasks in hand. Everyone has been asked to carry out a lifestyle audit and take action accordingly.

We are encouraging each other to reuse, recycle and reduce. We all need to take steps to adjust the way we live and become more aware of what we need to do to offset the damage that has been caused to the world that God created.

We are aware that the task before us is huge, but if the enthusiasm of the eco team is anything to go by, then we’ll soon be on our way to Silver!

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